Leerlijn Denise

Learing Line by Denise is an inclusive and educative line for Dutch primary school.

You can read more about it here.

Wailing Women, which path will you follow?

Witte Wieven | Augmented Reality graphic novel | 2020

I made this graphic novel as my graduation project for artschool. With my story I want to teach Dutch children about one of the many awesome Dutch folklore we have. Like the Witte Wieven (Wailing Women) for example. 


On a journey with Rhine the Giant

Op pad met Rhijn | Walking App | 2020

With this app you'll follow a route along the Rhine river to help and find the lost stories of Rhine the giant!

Drawing Workshop

Drawing Workshop | Workshop | 2020

Together with Heavenleigh Jeroense, I gave a drawing workshop for kids to learn how to draw a cartoon character of themselves!

Book Reading

Book Reading | Graphic Novel | 2020

I had the amazing opportunity to have a book reading in the library of Breda for children between the age of 8 - 12.

Blind Walls Mural

Blue Herons in the Liesbos | mural | 2020
I helped my friend Heavenleigh Jeroense with her mural for Blind Walls Gallery Breda.

Dutch Pioneers

Dutch Pioneers | Infographic | 2020
These two Dutch infographics highlight a few of the important deeds these pioneers did for social work in the Netherlands.

World without Seasons

Wereld zonder Seizoenen | Augmented Reality Illustrations | 2019

Learn about what will happen with the earth and it's life when the seasons disappear.

Burning Out

Burning Out | Educative Comic | 2019

This comic explains what happens with someone when they have a burn-out and how you can help yourself to get out of it.