Lente Overwint Haar Angst

Lente Overwint haar Angst | Childrensbook | 2022

A book written by remedial educationalist Sharon Bletterman and illustrated by me. Click here for more.

Witte Wieven, Welk pad volg jij?

Witte Wieven | Augmented Reality graphic novel | 2020

I made this graphic novel as my graduation project for artschool. With my story I want to teach Dutch children about one of the many awesome Dutch folklore we have. Like the Witte Wieven (Wailing Women) for example. Click here for more.

Trolletje Toos

Trolletje Toos | Childrensbook | 2020

This book was illustrated for writer Claire Broekman via publisher Boekscout in the Netherlands. Would you like to know about the story?

Click here for more.

Leerlijn Denise

Leerlijn Denise is a Dutch learning line for primary education by Denise Pengel. I'm the designer who brings all her ideas to life! Want to know more? You can find it here.

Het Melkmeisje- Kunst met een Knipoog

Het Melkmeisje | Illustrated Booklet | 2019

Writer Anton Joossen made a series of children books in which he explains a famous painting in a fun and educative way. I was asked to design the illustrations and the bookcover for The Milkmaid. Click here for more

De Geheime Wereld, van de Tandenfee

De Geheime Wereld van de Tandenfee | Childrensbook | 2021

This bookcover unfortunately didn't make the cut. I did have a lot of fun creating it, so you can read a bit more about it here.

Click here for more.

Bookrelated designs for merchandise - Publisher You

Publisher You | Bookrelated Merchandise | 2019

I teamed op with Publisher You to create designs for bookthemed merchandise. Here are a couple of illustrations for the clothing and bags. We are also going to make some bookmarks. Click here for more


Singulari | Dystopian Novel | 2018

A book about a girl who is traped in a mental prison. Here is a design for the bookcover, which unfortunateley never made it.