Creating and explaining things through animation is one of the most effective ways. I love teaching people new things, so here you will find a scala of educational animation which I, and sometimes together with a team, made. 

Wailing Women, Which path will you follow?

Witte Wieven | Augmented Reality graphic novel | 2020

I made this graphic novel as my graduation project for artschool. With my story I want to teach Dutch children about one of the many awesome Dutch folklore we have. Like the Witte Wieven (Wailing Women) for example. 
by Denise Vervuren


On a journey with Rhine the Giant

Op pad met Rhijn | Walking App | 2020

With this app you'll follow a route along the Rhine river to help and find the lost stories of Rhine the giant!
by Denise Vervuren, Laura Zoon and Eclipse AV

Stichting de Schroef 

Stichting de Schroef | Explainer Animations| 2021 - 2022

I have made many kinds of different explainer animations for Stichting de Schroef. You can view them all by clicking on the blue text above.

The Environment Law

De Omgevingswet | Explainer Animation| 2019

Julia Windt and I were asked by the township of Bergen op Zoom to create an explainer animation about the new environment Law

By Denise and Julia Windt

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage | VR installation| 2019

What if you end up in a nucleair winter in the Netherlands? Experience this for yourself in VR.

Kwaad Ontwaakt

Kwaad Ontwaakt | Booktrailer| 2022

I was asked by Eric Oosthoek to create an animated booktrailer for his new crime novel: Kwaad Ontwaakt.

The trailer will be out in May of 2022

World without Seasons

Wereld Zonder Seizoene | Augmented Reality Animations | 2019

You can find a couple of the animations here that made it into the book.

By Denise Vervuren. AKV|St.Joost

The SchlieffenPlan

Het Schlieffenplan | Explainimation | 2018

An explainimation about the Schlieffenplan and why it failed during the First World War.

By Denise Vervuren. AKV|St.Joost.

Little Rose

Roosje | Animation | 2018

An animation about a Dutch nurse who went to the Belgian front line to aid wounded soldiers.

By Esmée Geubbels & Denise Vervuren. AKV|St.Joost.

In Your Shoes

In Jouw Schoenen | animation | 2018

For my Arts & Humanity minor my team and I got asked by the Dutch police to make work about something we want to encourage them to do more. We wanted to encourage putting yourself in someone elses schoes and so this animation was born.

By Denise Vervuren, Esmée Geubbels and Kimberley Rochat. AKV|St.Joost.