Stichting de Schroef

Stichting de Schroef is a foundation that encourages everyone in Heusden and the surrounding areas to exercise (more). With their approach of accessible and tailor-made exercise options, they reduce overweight, loneliness and lack of exercise and increase mobility and self-reliance. But for participants it is especially nice that they can move and meet people in a casual way and at their own pace.

The foundation has many projects and I'm always grateful to help and create visuals that they can present to funds and clients.

Fietsvalpreventie - Explainer Animation

This is an animation that explains what the bicycle fall prevention course is about. Older residents of the municipality of Heusden can follow this course to learn about the newer traffic rules for cyclists and to get more more confidence when cycling in old age.

TALENTED - Explainer Animation

TALENTED is a program of Stichting de Schroef to bring young volunteers closer to different sport clubs in and around Drunen. This animation and the presentationslides were made for the foundation so they could show their results to the funds.

Gaming and moving interactively 

'Gaming and moving interactively in the municipality of Heusden' is an explainer animation about the research that was done by a couple of partners of how Heusden can use serious games by different kinds of activities.

It shows the results of the research and what the next steps are.

HeusdenPopUp 2021 - The Making-Of

HeusdenPopUp are special events made for and made by teens. In this Making-Of the whole process is shown from the first meetings to the events that took place in 2021. Even during a pandemic and lockdowns they managed to create fun events for other peers.

Buurtsport Meiden - Information Video

Together with girls from group 7 and 8, Buurtsport Meiden organizes fun sports activities and workshops with social themes every week. The girls themselves are actively involved in the offer. In this way they develop their talents, gain more self-confidence and remain involved in the neighbourhood.

This video was made together with the girls who participate in Buurtsport Meiden. They answered questions and als filmed own bits for the video.