Hi there!


Are you looking for a fun and colorful way to tell your story? Then look no further!

My name is Denise and I am an illustrator & visual storyteller from the Netherlands. But what is visual storytelling? Visual storytelling means to tell stories and those more clear with visual media like illustrations, animations, explainer animations/videos and infographics for example.


I love to help you visualize the story you’d like to tell with my whimsical and cozy style. The possibilities are infinite!

Some examples of what I do:

- Illustrations for books, magazines and social media.

- Branding for your company. For example logos, illustrative posters, flyers and designs for products.
- Animations: GIF's, moving illustrations, explainer animations/videos
- Infographics 


You can contact me to discuss your ideas!



Animation Showreel: