Sona's Grandmother

Eenzaamheid van Achterblijvers in Irak | Editorial Illustrations Vice NL | 2019

In 2018 I illustrated an article of a journalist student. This year she worked at VICE NL and they asked me if I could make a new illustration for her article.

Various GIF's for two magazines

Various GIF's for the two magazines | Editiorial| Bergen and Archeologie Magazine| 2019

For Archeologie Magazine and Bergen Magazine I made a few GIF's about two topics on their website.

Blogpost Illustration Yoga

What is yoga? | Editorial Illustrations | 2020

In this Dutch blogpost you’ll learn about yoga by the talented Jitskse Jepma

Practice editorial illustrations

Denk eens in de box | Editorial Illustrations | 2018

These editorial illustrations were part of a practice project from school about thinking inside the box, because that will give you more ideas and better work.